I can compose music for you in  a diverse set of styles: orchestral cinematic pieces, chamber music, synth-based electronic music, you name it! Be it for your next film project, an art installation or for a concert, I can provide music for any occasion!

Contact me to find out more & check out my other compositions!

Orchestration, Sheet Music & Arrangements

Do you need an arrangement made for your Orchestra, Choir, Band etc.?
Or are you interested in sheet music of my compositions?

As an example of what a finished score would look like, you can download the Score for "Whirlwinds" for free via this link!


Are you looking for a cellist for your upcoming project? Look no further! I have several years of experience playing on stage and in the studio, from classical project to pop and experimental styles.

Get in contact to get more info & check out the new release of FUZEI, where I played all the cello parts